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CYSVIEW® Blue-Light Cystoscopy (BLC) is an innovative breakthrough technology in the detection and management of non-muscle invasive papillary bladder cancer (pNMIBC).Cysview® BLC is available in a pre-filled syringe format.

Cysview® BLC is indicated as an adjunct to White-Light Cystoscopy (WLC) for the detection of pNMIBC in patients suspected or known to have bladder cancer.

Cysview® (hexaminolevulinate hydrochloride) selectively targets tumour cells in the bladder and causes them to emit a red fluorescence against a dark blue background of healthy tissue under blue light. Cysview® BLC can improve the detection of pNMIBC beyond that achieved with WLC alone, resulting in more complete transurethral resection of the tumour (TURBT), thus, reducing cancer recurrence rates and increasing time to the next recurrence.

The use of Cysview® BLC is recommended by the American Urological Association (AUA), European Association of Urology (EAU), the U.S. treatment guidelines on NMIBC, and a number of expert panels. Cysview® is approved for use across Europe (branded as Hexvix®) and in the U.S. (branded as Cysview®).

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Cysview® is a registered trademark of Photocure ASA, No-0275 Oslo, Norway

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